EASY WALL wall panels are the cutting-edge finishing material of the future, which allows you to perform all internal wall finishing work in the shortest possible time without excessive dust and noise. With the help of quick-assembling panels, you can implement design solutions both for decorating individual areas and for the entire room design on a turnkey basis. Due to its multifunctionality and rich variety of colours and textures, EASY WALL can be used to decorate the entire facility, including hallways, living rooms and bathrooms. Quick installation of panels can be carried out both on a plastered wall and on brick surfaces. Installation using auxiliary profiles makes it possible to additionally install noise insulation. The innovative material allows you to perform corner joints and slopes with the highest quality.

Regarding the composition, the company presents panels made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which differ in colour, texture and tactile sensations of the surface.

The assortment includes three types of multi-textured panels:

Ribbed Easy Wall (width 150/250 – height 3000 mm)

Smooth Easy Wall (width 600 – height 2800/3000 mm)

Solid Easy Wall (width 1200 – height 2800/3000 mm)

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